tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel NeedsOur Excel experts have worked with companies of all sizes, across all industries. If you are unsure exactly what you want, we will make suggestions. Chances are we’ve created similar spreadsheets for your type of business in the past. So, when you come to us with a problem, we will develop a custom solution, probably using macros, because we know the software inside-out. To better understand marcros, click here. THREE MAIN REASONS YOU NEED AN EXCEL CONSULTANT

1. You need to create an easy-to-use and accessible spreadsheet for all your Southern California employees. Excel is so powerful and popular that most users constantly expand their knowledge, which can be a problem for the employees who aren’t as familiar with it. But our experts can teach and support, so those struggling can catch up.

2. You need to understand and work around Excel’s limitations. Excel understands much about how your Southern California business operates. It knows how to do things that every business does, such as count working days. But the more specific you get, the more limited Excel becomes. For example, it doesn't know how to construct a pricing template for a general contractor. How many different labor rates do you use? How do you divide the labor? What about if someone gets injured on the job? A specialist can provide a solution tailored to your Southern California business’s individual needs.

3. You are trying to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data. This can cause you to lose track of where it’s all coming from, let alone how to process it. Occasionally, you will find you have exceeded Excel's abilities and should instead be using a purpose-built database. If needed, a specialist can assist. More often than not, though, a database solution would cost more and require additional user training.


-- Automate your reports – We can take the raw data from a worksheet or data source and turn it into the exact report you need. We can add as many parameters/categories/limitations as you want, so you get only the info you really need. We also can merge data from many different sources into any single desired format.

-- Automate your office tasks – We reduce your costs and man-hours, improve data accuracy and increase employee efficiency.

-- Create ways to use data (data processing)

We create tables, queries, charts, formulas, macros, forms and reports, then connect them together in any way you want. And we can eliminate bad data.

–- Generate user-friendly spreadsheets

–- We increase accounting accuracy, leading to major cost savings.

-- Provide support

We can write programs, consolidate and manipulate data so it provides the information you need. We continue to provide support for as long as you need us.


Our expert Excel consultants give you one-on-one personal attention and service, whether working with you side by side in your Southern California office or remotely. Rates are available on an hourly or contract basis to help fit your budget. Here is an example of a successful project:

SITUATION: A leather manufacturer had an antiquated system in which it had spent a lot of money to modify over time. But it still couldn’t input electronic sales orders in more than one format. This caused employees to have to manually input the orders, and this was not cost-effective when there were 200- to 300-page orders at one time. It also was not cost-effective to install an entirely new system.

SOLUTION: We wrote a macro that took all incoming reports and converted them into a single format that could easily be uploaded into the company’s system. The antiquated system could now accept orders in various formats that would come out in one format, so a 200-page order took just five minutes.