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Technology and Productivity Solutions (TAP Solutions) provides a vast array of services to help your business run more efficiently - saving you valuable time, reducing costs, and increasing your bottom line:

Website creation

Whether you need a site built from the ground up or maintenance for an existing site, you cannot go wrong with TAP Solutions. Services are within scope of your contract. We dig deeper than the average website developer by analyzing and building a site that achieves both your wants and your needs. With both a strong business and technical background,

TAP Solutions can:

  • Set up your domain

  • Work with you to create an outline of your wants and needs, as well as perform any necessary research

  • Create a custom look and feel that suits your company

  • Submit your site to search engines

  • Set up a site map and submit to Yahoo and Google

  • Test browsers

  • Make modifications, as needed

  • Gain traffic volume

  • Assist to resolve any site problems that arise

Excel support and automation

Automated Excel spreadsheets presented in a user-friendly package can increase office efficiency and accounting accuracy - leading to major cost savings. We help you achieve this.

TAP Solutions can:

  • Write VBA / macro routines

  • Perform data consolidation and manipulation

  • Perform data interfacing

  • Create user interfaces

  • Resolve technical issues

Plus, we provide user training and support to ensure you are getting the most effective use of your automated spreadsheets.

Office task automation

Reducing cost and man hours, plus improving data accuracy and increasing employee efficiency is ideal for every business. You can do it with our help.

TAP Solutions can:

  • Automate tasks using software you already own.

  • Show staff more efficient ways of doing things.

Form overlay

There's no need to go out and purchase forms every time a new need comes along. Automated processes are available so that you can customize forms as needed at will.

TAP Solutions can:

  • Develop rules sets for Unform

  • Convert raw data to form-printable data

  • Provide label processing

  • Provide data manipulation, as needed for your process
General programming

If you are in need of programming in BBX, PROVIDEX, or Business Basic, we can help.

TAP Solutions can:

  • Provide general business application programming:

    • Accounts Receivable (A/R)

    • Accounts Payable (A/P)

    • Customer and user interfaces

    • EDI-related material

    • Label processing

    • Troubleshooting and bug detection
  • Provide database assistance:

    • Develop database design and structure

    • Set up Access databases

    • Set up user interfaces

    • Set up reporting