tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel NeedsTechnology and Productivity Solutions (TAP Solutions) has proudly served the technology needs in Santa Clarita and Southern California since 1999. TAP Solutions offers a wide range of services to you more efficient / save time at a cost effective price.

Excel Solutions,Training and Support


Most Southern California offices already own Excel in their Microsoft Office Suite but few use this powerful program to their best advantage.

TAP Solutions can help you develop spreadsheets that will organize your data quickly, accurately and effectively enabling your staff to jump through hoops in minutes instead of hours and days.. Using Excel we can automate tasks in your office that will enable your staff to manage data efficiently and be more productive.

TAP Solutions can help your employees enter data once and then distribute the data in multiple formats and reports. Entering data once reduces errors and improves time efficiency.

If you need to convert data, TAP Solutions can convert, clean up and manipulate data to suit your specifications.

Excel charts and graphs can provide those pictures that are worth a thousand words. TAP Solutions can help with the formulas and formatting to create these illustrations.

TAP Solutions will not only solve your Excel problems, but we can also teach your employees how to use Excel more effectively on an ongoing basis.

TAP Solutions Excel Consultants know the functions, shortcuts and tricks to make Excel work best for your needs.

Website Design, Building and Maintaining

We specialize in the complete website development process from concept through launch. Once the website is launched, your site will be search engine friendly and your new and existing customers will be able to find you more easily. We can also convert your non-responsive website into a responsive website to take advantage of today's new technologies.

Designing a website requires much more than picking a name, writing a few paragraphs and including some contact information. TAP Solutions begins by gathering information from its customers so that each company's special character and services are accurately portrayed in both mobile and computer formats.

A website doesn't do any good if potential customers can't find it. TAP Solutions knows how to work with the various search engines' specific needs to get your company found

TAP Solutions will work with you to develop a strong list of the keywords that identify your company and services. TAP will put these key words to work in your website for optimal searching and answering your customer questions.

TAP Solutions can help you hone in on your target markets and reach out to customers in ways they understand. We know you have to pull them in quickly and keep their attention or they are gone in the flick of a finger.

TAP Solutions can provide you with hosting services for your website, reports that show how many views your website generates, and make sure that you are presenting an accurate, unified web presence.

TAP Solutions offers cost effective, well constructed websites from the beginning, or we can review and improve your existing website to keep up with current technology and media.